19 September / / SQL

Long story short - be careful when using Linq that you don’t include calculated fields in your where clauses, or if you do make sure you know how the query is being executed.

01 August / / .Net Core / Azure
I have a .Net console app that I have recently deployed to Azure as as a WebJob. Though it successfully deployed when it runs it exists straight away with the following error: Job failed due to exit code -2146232576 And the WebJob status is set to ‘Pending Restart;. It turns out that I was targeting the .Net 4.7.2 framework, and Azure only supported 4.7 of the framework. After downgrading my console app to 4.
16 March / / .Net Core
In a recent MVC project I wanted to create a set of widgets to be reused across different pages. I wanted them to be created as a partial view, and be self contained with links to associated JavaScript files. The JavaScipt should be contained in the script section in the partial view, so it is rendered at the bottom of the page. The problem is that MVC does not support the script section in a partial view, for example you can do the following in standard view but not a partial view:
13 March / / Testing / Web
I was once presented the following question as a part of a job interview: ‘You have a web page that is running slowly. How do you find out why it’s running slowly.’ I really enjoyed answering this question and have used it myself when conducting interviews. Why do I like it? Firstly it shows how someone approaches a problem and how they can systematically work through it. Secondly there is no single correct answer, but many possible solutions.
09 March / / Web
HTML tables can be difficult to make responsive so that they work on both desktop and mobile devices. By default if the table is too big for a smaller device it will just extend of the side, and the user has to scroll the whole page: Using Bootstrap responsive tables help to a certain extent, and they make the whole table scroll, and not the whole page. But the content still disappear off the screen to the right.